3M Military Personal Protective Equipment / Law Enforcement Tactical Gear

Military, Law Enforcement
& Emergency Preparedness PPE

You protect us. We protect you.

  • 3M strives to set the standard for confidence and trust in protective gear by providing rugged and reliable military personal protective equipment. Today, thousands of our protection solutions are fielded within the Department of Defense, Department Homeland Security, Department of Justice and across US State and local agencies. Fueled by 3M innovation & technology – our protection solutions are designed to exceed the unique requirements for today's modern special operators.

  • Regional Specialist Support

    3M has a team of regional emergency preparedness, military, and law enforcement product specialists ready to provide you the critical support you need in your preparation for an event: from demand planning, inventory assessments, product education, “train-the-trainer” training, and technical services. Call today to meet with one of our specialists to learn more about 3M solutions.