StrongArm® Ergoskeleton™ Devices

StrongArm® Ergoskeleton™ Devices

Distributed by 3M

StrongArm Technologies creates human performance equipment and is dedicated to developing products to help protect the active workers, or INDUSTRIAL ATHLETES™ of the world.

  • FLx – StrongArm® Ergoskeleton™ Postural Support Device
    Postural Support & Conformance for the Industrial Athletes™ Who Perform Dynamic Lifting
  • StrongArm® Ergoskeleton™ Lift Assist Device
    For Industrial Athletes™ Who Perform Heavy Lifting & Carrying

Proper Lifting Posture with ErgoSkeleton(TM)

  • Proper Lifting-FLx-Posture-Feedback

    FLx – StrongArm® Ergoskeleton™ Postural Support Device

    The FLx is Ergoskeleton(tm) is designed to help:

    • Ensure proper lifting technique
    • Provide posture feedback to wearer
    • Maintain proper posture

  • Proper Lifting-V22 Load Redistribution

    V22 – StrongArm® Ergoskeleton™ Lift Assist Device

    The V22 Passive Exoskeleton is designed to help:

    • Reduce arm fatigue
    • Transfer the load from the upper body to the legs
    • Reduce common lumbar compression back injuries
    • Enforce proper lifting techniques

  • StrongArm Brand Video

    StrongArm Technologies Mission

    StrongArm Technologies is dedicated to improving the future of the workforce through innovative technology and human centered design. StrongArm believes that the workers who perform physical tasks for their jobs deserve to have performance gear that will help protect their bodies from the strains that they may endure during their career.

  • StrongArm Story

    A Company Built by Passion, Fueled by Design

    StrongArm Technologies develops leading ergonomic solutions for injury prevention and peak performance for the industrial workforce. Through innovative design, StrongArm’s flagship product, the V22 ErgoSkeleton™, unlocks human potential with a stress on safety, strength and endurance through injury prevention. The founders, sons of fathers who worked strenuous blue collars jobs, are driven to help the tens of millions of people who use their bodies as instruments for productivity daily. The founders joined in the belief that blue-collar workers, that make up the backbone of our economy, deserve advanced design and technology to empower them for greater safety and performance. These industrial workers are expected to perform with strength, agility, and endurance at the level of professional athletes.

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  • Industrial Athletes

    Who is the Industrial Athlete

    Industrial Athletes are the workers who depend on their physical strength for their career. These workers are warehouse workers, parcel workers, shippers, handlers, lifters, pickers, sorters, and fork truck drivers of the world. The worker`s productivity and success in their careers and their companies are dependent on their ability to lift, push, pull and do other physically demanding tasks. The Industrial Athlete's responsibilities are similar to those of an athlete, whose performances is directly related to their personal success and their team's overall success.