3M Signature Safety Products

3M Signature Safety PPE

Safety solutions simplified. The health and welfare of your workforce depends on safety, and we are committed to helping you create an environment that protects your workforce—effectively, efficiently and economically.

  • 3M's most-requested safety products

    3M Signature safety products are 3M's most requested personal safety products developed over 40 years of safety leadership, making it easy to select proven safety products for your workforce.

    Trusted Protection:
    Every safety product delivers the professional protection and durability you expect from 3M.

    Exceptional Comfort:
    3M safety products are designed for comfort. Safety products that are easy to use and comfortable to wear can help to increase compliance.

    Innovative Solutions:
    Our safety products are designed with innovative features for adaptability, making it easy to select solutions that best meet your safety need.

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3M Signature Safety Products