3M Organic Vapor Cartridge

3M™ Organic Vapor Service Life Indicator Cartridges 6000i Series

When should I change my cartridges?

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When safety is on the line, change is critical.

Proudly introducing 3M™ Organic Vapor Cartridges with 3M™ Service Life Indicator technology. Unique to 3M, these innovative and easy-to-use cartridges have an end-of-life indicator (ESLI) to help users determine when to change their cartridges in appropriate environments.*

Using the Indicator

The 3M Service Life Indicator can be used to complement your current cartridge change schedule. You must change your cartridge at the normally scheduled interval or when the ESLI indicates, whichever occurs first. In some cases you can use the ESLI as a primary method to determine cartridge change, replacing your current change schedule method. To find out if the 3M Service Life Indicator may be used as the primary method for determining your cartridge change-out schedule:

  • *Please see the 6000i Series User Instructions or the 3M™ Select Life Software to determine if these cartridges are appropriate for your work environment.