3M facility employee wearing a white 3M hard hat in a building remodeling zone.

Employee experience

Our approach

  • At 3M, we know that engaged employees are more satisfied with their work, tend to stay longer, and are more productive and committed.

    We foster and reinforce behaviors that support engagement on many levels, including networking, collaboration, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We focus on the quality and the impact of professional development and career growth.

    Our company touches nearly every industry in almost every region around the world. Working at 3M provides a range of development opportunities few other companies can offer. Our people can live in different countries, learn about different cultures, and develop a variety of skills across different industries. It’s possible for someone to go from a role in the lab to marketing, to sales, to business development, and all the way up to the C-suite.

    3M is so diverse that people can reinvent themselves and their careers all within one company – and can collaborate with other curious, creative minds wherever they go.

Key actions in 2021

  • 3M provided 25 hours of learning and development experience for our full-time equivalent (FTE) employees in 2021.

    3M is committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning to equip 3M employees with the skills of tomorrow so that we can stay relevant, innovate, and grow.

  • Learning

    • Expanded learning and development offerings — 80% of our global workforce has now engaged in self-directed training via online platforms and in-person/virtual experiences.
    • Provided job-specific and self-directed training — over 1,000,000 online learning resource completions were recorded and almost 30,000 in-person and virtual events were attended in 2021 (or approximately 665,000 hours of learning).
    • Introduced a new key content partner, Udemy for Business — providing access to thousands of courses across a variety of topics, including functional learning, technical skills, core, or power skills. We provide all 3M employees with a wide range of content options with our other content partners, including Franklin Covey, Get Abstract, and Cross Knowledge.
    • Provided specific implicit bias training content to our hiring managers and others.
  • Recognition

    • Transformed our existing social recognition program into Everyday Wins — a global program that allows for convenient, peer-to-peer and group recognition for when an employee embodies our culture elements. Since May 2021, the equivalent of more than $9 million worth in points have been awarded. The points can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, or donated to charitable organizations.

      o Increased the accessibility and visibility of compensation for our non-production employees. We also increased compensation for all non-production employees who were paid below 90% of their Market Reference Point.

      o Continued our drive toward pay equity — Compared pay for males and females in all jobs and job grades in each country and assessed any disparity.

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Diverse employees collaborating in a workspace.

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