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To 3M, sustainability includes collaborating to find better solutions. As the world population grows, particularly in emerging economies, global challenges must be addressed together to ensure we can all live healthy, fulfilling lives. We recognize our customers face those same challenges and share our sustainability goals. For this reason, we are committed to partnering with customers to identify and collaborate on solutions to address their goals. While we are always increasing the number of products that address those needs, you can read about current Environmental Solutions here (PDF, 6.7MB).


Life Cycle Management


  • Sustainability shouldn’t have an expiration date. Life cycle management is a formal part of our product introduction process worldwide. When we develop a new product, we ask important questions at the start: How can we reduce the product’s impact on the environment? How will we distribute it? And how will it ultimately be disposed of? We consider all the environmental, health, and safety implications of bringing that particular product into the world.

    We adopted a new Life Cycle Management Policy in 2001 requiring all of our business units to conduct life cycle reviews for all new and existing products. With hundreds of new products introduced each year, we have a continuous flow of opportunities to improve the environmental, health, and safety effects of the things we make.



  • We’re thinking outside the box. Also the carton, wrapper, and bag. A key part of our life cycle management process is our ongoing effort to realize the environmental and cost benefits of reduced packaging. We’re reducing the environmental impact of our packaging through redesign, reuse, increased recyclability and use of recycled content, and increased use of cube utilization. The results are less energy use in processing packaging materials, reduced cost and emissions from transport, and less storage and disposal space requirements.

Sustainability at 3M

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    Health Care

    In the Health Care industry, 3M works with hospitals, dentists, orthodontists, pharmaceutical companies, and food manufacturers to develop economically viable solutions that preserve our natural resources and contribute to healthy communities. Waste, energy, and water reduction, as well as infection prevention and patient comfort, are all areas in which we focus in developing products that improve lives.   

    3M’s Health Care Sustainability Solutions 

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