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Be 3M: Corporate Code of Conduct

Our approach

  • The Code of Conduct positions 3M for long-term growth and binds us together as 3M employees — across business groups and across geographies. Great companies are built on trust — from their customers, shareholders, employees, and communities. We’ve earned that trust and a reputation for integrity over many decades, and no one at 3M is free to compromise it.

    We have one Code of Conduct that applies to our 95,000 employees in over 70 countries globally. Our Code of Conduct summarizes 3M’s compliance principles and raises awareness about how to do business the right way, at all times and at every site. The Code of Conduct is our guide, answering questions and providing direction when the right choice may not be clear.

    3M’s Code of Conduct defines the expectations for how we work:

    • Be Good
    • Be Honest
    • Be Fair
    • Be Loyal
    • Be Accurate
    • Be Respectful

Key actions in 2021

  • All over the world, we held Ethics & Compliance Week events to further build employee engagement around doing business the right way. The event featured our Chairman and CEO Mike Roman as well as company leaders from around the globe, who shared their personal experiences with compliance and ethics and how they encourage employees to speak up without fear of retaliation.

    We continued our efforts to engage senior leaders, middle management, and employees through many tactics — from leadership emails and supervisor toolkits to employee videos. We used inputs and data to react with agility to reach broad employee audiences around the world.

    We created enhanced metrics dashboards for analyzing emerging issues across different employee populations (such as seniority, tenure, location, among others). New dashboards were created for third party due diligence and gifts, entertainment, and meals management. We used metrics to monitor our evaluations and investigations. As we continue to function in a remote environment, the insights this monitoring provided allowed us to assure we maintain the quality of our processes.

    Recognizing that people have different learning styles, Ethics & Compliance identified and launched two new video series to engage learners with fresh content. We continued to leverage training data, including performance scores and post-course survey inputs to inform future training needs. The completion rate of our online training is the highest it has been historically.

    The Ethics & Compliance Department continued to enhance our third-party due diligence platform by piloting a refreshed and enhanced monitoring program. This program will permit enhanced ongoing visibility to any risk indicators of our business partners.

    Ethics & Compliance introduced a centralized global system that automates the end-to-end process for pre-approving and documenting the offering and receiving of gifts, entertainment, meals, sponsorships, and charitable contributions. The system provides a single, global process to drive clarity of requirements, accountability, and visibility to interactions.