Panoramic view of the world headquarters from the frontage road in Maplewood, Minnesota.


Why it matters

  • We are committed to doing business the right way. It makes us more resilient, enables us to deliver value, and better serve the long-term interests of shareholders.

    We firmly believe that good corporate governance practices serve the long-term interests of our stockholders, strengthen 3M’s Board of Directors and management, and further enhance the public trust 3M has earned from more than a century of operating with unwavering integrity and doing business the right way.

Our approach

  • Our robust governance framework includes oversight by our Board of Directors, which receives regular sustainability updates and reviews related risks as part of 3M’s enterprise risk management. The 3M Science, Technology & Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors has primary oversight responsibility of 3M’s sustainability and stewardship activities, including, among others, environmental and product stewardship efforts, environmental, health and safety, and legal and regulatory compliance.

    The company’s Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability Committee, comprising 3M top executive management, provides leadership, oversight and strategy for sustainability and develops and monitors adherence with related policies and procedures.

Looking forward

  • Man in tan shirt sitting in a chair conversing with a colleague.

    Ethics and compliance will remain at the core of what we do for our employees, customers, communities, and shareholders.

    As the expectations of our customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders continue to increase, we are here to meet them — and grow our business — by investing in purpose-driven innovation and building it into our products, manufacturing processes, and new technologies.