A smiling waiter serves food to four diners in a restaurant.
Make an incredible evening the house specialty.

Improving customer satisfaction isn’t just about the food. With the right tools, you can create an environment that makes diners feel right at home – and keeps them coming back for more.

Make your mark.

Branding and Graphic Solutions

Effective restaurant branding does more than announce the name of your establishment. 3M offers a variety of graphic solutions designed to set your business apart from the competition, attract customers, provide a memorable dining experience and drive continued customer loyalty.

  • Shine a light on your business! With crisp, bright colors and improved light control, 3M films and overlaminates are designed to increase your restaurant’s visibility at any time of day. Highlight your brand and attract new diners – while improving energy efficiency and lowering utility costs.

  • Make a statement inside and out. 3M graphic films, wall wrap films and overlaminates are designed for reliability, durability and ease of use, as well as creativity. Design stunning, impactful wall wraps and building graphics that apply easily to just about any surface – and create an unforgettable diner experience.

  • Don’t forget about what’s underfoot – take a step in the right direction with unforgettable, long-lasting floor graphics. Engineered for easy installation, durability and vivid design, 3M printable films and overlaminates can help turn your restaurant floor into a work of art. Reinforce your brand, guide diners through their experience and communicate value – without costly renovations.

  • Whether you’re operating a food truck or sending out delivery vehicles – visibility is key. Turn every trip into an advertising opportunity and attract new diners with bold, fresh graphics from 3M. With bright colors, reflective technology and sustainable options to fit nearly every vehicle, 3M graphic films can help put all eyes on you.

Transform your surfaces.

Architectural Surfacing Solutions
A restaurant looks sophisticated with DI-NOC Architectural Finishes.
Rethink restaurant redesign

Restaurant renovations can be costly, time consuming and risky – any changes you make could drastically impact customer perception of your business. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes let you transform your space with less down time, less labor, less waste – and less risk.


Take advantage of a clear opportunity.

Window Solutions

Your windows do a lot for your restaurant. They bring in natural light, provide views for diners, and give prospective customers a peek at what’s in store – but what if they could do more? 3M offers a range of window solutions to improve décor, comfort, safety and overall customer experience.

  • Turn interior glass into functional works of art with 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes. With many options in style, texture, opacity and translucency, you can add privacy to the dining area, achieve an upscale look or add subtle branding – quickly, easily, at a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing light or an open layout.

  • No one likes getting sun in their eyes or feeling hot during a meal. Improve diners' customer experience with easily-installed 3M™ Window Films. With options designed to redirect sunlight, cut glare and reduce excessive heat, you can provide your customers with a comfortable, pleasant experience – all while saving on utility costs.

  • In the food service industry, safety is key – and that includes your windows. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films are engineered to protect people and property by holding broken glass in place upon impact. Whether the broken glass is due to an accident, an intruder or otherwise, adding these films to your windows can give you extra security and peace of mind.

  • Scratches, gouges and graffiti can give the wrong impression to customers and could dissuade them from coming in, but these marks aren’t always easy to fix. Nip vandalism in the bud and avoid expensive glass replacement with 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film, a simple way to protect windows and minimize damage.

What's underfoot should be top of mind.

Floor Care and Safety Solutions

From open to close, a lot of people walk through your restaurant. Are you giving your floors the attention they need? 3M has solutions to simplify floor maintenance and improve both safety and customer experience from the ground up.

  • You’d be surprised how much a dirty or damaged floor can influence customer perception. Keep your floors - and your restaurant's reputation - sparkling with floor care solutions from 3M. From optimized cleaning solutions designed to keep things sanitary to ergonomic tools engineered to improve efficiency, there’s a solution for every restaurant.

  • You want customers to be safe from the moment they walk in the door – and that means literally watching their step. Secure critical, high-traffic areas with durable, high-friction 3M™ Nomad™ Matting and 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip-Resistant Tapes and Treads. These solutions help minimize slip risks, keep the elements outside, and ensure your customers have a safe, enjoyable experience.

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