Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

  • Keeping your griddle clean makes it easier to prepare the kind of fresh, great-tasting food you've built your reputation on. Now you can clean your griddle 40% faster than conventional cleaning methods – while helping to prevent burns and scorched fingers – with the Scotch-Brite™ Griddle Cleaning System.

  • A clean, well-maintained kitchen is the sign of an establishment where wholesome, great-tasting food is always on the menu. With durable, high performance scouring pads, sponges and cleaning chemicals from 3M, you can make short work of tough cleanup chores, to get your kitchen back to business, fast.

  • Gleaming, streak-free stainless steel surfaces make any kitchen look cleaner, brighter and more professional. Now, you can get that great look in 80% less time – while protecting against fingerprints, staining and corrosion – with oil-free 3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protector.

  • Got a greasy, baked-on mess to clean up? 3M offers you a variety of heavy-duty scrubbers, scouring pads and holders to help you blast through the toughest soils, fast.

  • In any busy kitchen, refrigerators, mixers, beverage dispensers and other appliances get a real workout throughout the day. 3M brings you a wide array of scrubbers, wipes and cleaning chemicals – including solutions for cleaning stainless steel appliances – that help make it easier to keep your kitchen safer, more hygienic and looking great.

  • When the oil in your fryer starts to break down, it can affect the taste and texture of your food. But oil is expensive – how do you know when it's time for a change? 3M™ Oil Quality Test Strips give you a fast, visual indication of oil breakdown, to help you maintain the quality of your food, while getting the most out of every drop of oil you pay for.

  • How fresh is that steak you're about to throw on the grille? Food service labels from 3M give you an easy way to note the expiration dates on meats, dairy, produce and other products. This gives you a quick visual reminder of which foods should be used first, helping to reduce waste while maintaining your quality standards.

Commercial Water Filtration

  • Consumption of specialty coffees, coffee based beverages and specialty teas is increasing yearly. 3M's dedicated system design and technology help maintain coffee and tea clarity, consistency, and full flavor along with efficient brewing machine operations.

  • Designed to reduce scale build-up, 3M Ice Machine Water Filtration systems help increase equipment life while reducing maintenance costs. Avoid bitter chlorine tastes and ice bin corrosion with the proper water filtration system.

  • Reduce water hardness and increase efficiency with 3M Espresso maker water filtration. Our ion exchange systems will lessen bitter chlorine tastes while decreasing scale build-up to ensure you produce the best tasting product possible.

  • Reduce labor intensive and unsanitary processes in the kitchen with 3M water filtration systems for ware washing. Our hot water softeners reduce bacteria, chlorine taste and odor as well as inhibit scale and sediment build-up.

  • Increase pump life while reducing excess chlorine and organics with 3M Point of Entry Water Filtration. Our dual port and dual flow systems will lessen sediment build up and provide a high flow rate all with the benefit of individual equipment filtration.

  • Designed for high performance, 3M Iced Tea Maker Water Filtration systems help provide efficiency and effectiveness. Reduce bitter chlorine tastes and cloudiness in your tea with 3M's high quality water filtration systems.

  • Help lower maintenance costs while maintaining an efficient kitchen with 3M Rethermalizer and Steam Table Water Filtration systems. Our water softeners and polyphosphate feeders reduce scale build-up and drain blockages to reduce costly repairs.

  • Reduce poor water quality and equipment failure with 3M Steamer Water Filtration systems. Our reverse osmosis systems help lower maintenance costs while decreasing energy consumption by reducing scale build-up.

  • Help maintain consistent high water quality while reducing bitter chlorine taste and odor with 3M Cold Fountain Beverage Water Filtration systems. Increase equipment life and reduce contamination with our Sanitary Quick Change systems.

Drive-Thru Communications

  • Drive-Thru Communications

    Making sure your drive-thru customers get exactly what they ordered - fast - is essential to stay competitive in a crowded QSR marketplace. The unmatched sound clarity, reliability and ease of use of 3M™ Drive-Thru Communications Systems helps improve order accuracy and worker productivity, while delivering the best possible experience for your customers.