Personal Protection Products

Personal Protective Equipment in the Body Shop

At 3M we don’t take safety for granted. The health and welfare of your workforce depends on it. So by working in association with skilled safety practitioners, partners and customers, our people are committed to ensuring that we help you create an environment that protects your workforce – effectively, efficiently and economically.

3M offer ranges in respirators, eye protection, ear, skin and personal protection – numerous and innovative products that not only offer optimal protection functions, but excel in comfort too.

  • Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory Protection is key to protect long term the health and thus quality of peoples lifes. A range of disposable or reuseable dust respirators is available to filter dust particles and / or fumes and vapours to warrant breathing clean air.

    Depending on exposure and work task, the appropriate protection level needs to be chosen and for any re-useable respirator, a regular change of the filters is key to allow them to work properly.

  • Hearing Protection Products

    Hearing protection must be right for you and your working environment. For safety, productivity and comfort, it must reduce noise by the right amount, not too little, not too much. 3M can provide solutions for different individuals and applications, with products ranging from disposable or banded ear plugs to comfortable, soft cushioned ear muffs.

  • Eye Protection

    3M™ Safety Spectacles and Safety Goggles promise superior quality eye protection that provides an optimal balance of comfort, protection and design. All safety spectacles and safety goggles from 3M are approved to EN166 and CE marked.

    For specialist welding applications, we also offer 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Shields for the Body Shop Work.

  • Body Protection

    A range of body coveralls from 3M is available to suit the individual work task. From reuseable, washable coveralls for general workshop tasks to disposable paintshop coveralls with highly protective functions - you can choose the right product, available in various sizes for your personal comfort.