Bodyshop Products

Bodyshop Products

Whatever the damage on a vehicle, the collision repair process usually starts with disassembly and removal of parts and paint. Be it for precision grinding activities, cutting or sanding, 3M offers you a range of reliable, fast working products and tools to start a quality repair. For restoring a vehicle to its original shape and appearance, we also provide innovative solutions for automotive and plastic repair with a range of adhesives, coatings and sealants. Used in conjunction with our applicators and recommended car body repair processes, structures can be rebuilt, repaired or bonded to recreate the original finish.

  •  Cutting and Grinding products

    Cutting and Grinding products

    Modern cars are largely still built from steel - however the quality has changed. Whereas historically the damage and paint removal was a rough job, today precision tools and materials are required to preserve structural integrity of thin, lightweight high strength metals.

    Using our patented Cubitron™ II technology, 3M offers a range of cutting tools like Cubitron™ II Cut off Wheels for accurate, clean removal of any damaged parts, Cubitron™ II Roloc™ Discs and Cubitron™ II File Belt Sanders for precise body repair grinding tasks.

  • Windscreen replacement and bonding

    Windscreen replacement and bonding

    A range of various adhesives, designed for windscreen, side and rear window bonding is available.

    Following the recommended windscreen replacement process, they are easy to extrude with 3M™ Applicators. Adhesives come in various sizes of sachet and cartridge and are available for drive-away times of one, three or eight hours.

  • Sealants


    Various sealing products are available for different types of sealing applications - be it sprayable, extrudable or brushable. With just a little skill, OEM textures of sealants can easily be replicated to match the original appearance and make any repair invisible.

  • Plastic Repair Products

    Plastic Repair Products

    The range of 3Ms plastic repair products and solutions for plastic repair allow you to easily repair damaged plastic parts instead of having to replace them - saving you valuable time and money. 3Ms plastic adhesives and instant plastic repair patch cut down process time significantly, whilst the 3M™ Superfast Plastic Adhesive is suitable for repair, rebuild, reshape and bond all kinds of plastic with superfast curing times.

  • Functional Coatings

    Functional Coatings

    Anti-chip coatings are used to protect vulnerable, painted parts of the vehicle such as sills, wings, wheel arches and valances.

    Most body corrosion results from stone chips to susceptible exposed paintwork. Stone chips can penetrate the paint and underlying protective coatings to allow corrosion to eat into the substrate from the surface. 3M supply rubberised anti-chip coatings with a wide range of finishes. Most are overpaintable, flexible, fast drying and weather, stone chip and corrosion resistant.

    Applied with the 3M™ Accuspray™ Pressurised HGP Spray Gun , a wide range of textures from very smooth to very coarse can be easily achieved simply by adjusting the gun and choosing one of the available Accuspray™ atomising heads. The application process with 3M™ Accuspray™ Pressurised HGP Spray Gun allows to match virtually any OEM texture.

  • nterior corrosion protection

    Interior corrosion protection

    For inside protection of metal parts, 3M offers Inner Cavity Waxes. Supplied as aerosols or with application nozzles, the  application of Inner Cavity waxes allows to reach and protect metal from the inside, preventing inner corrosion.

  • Windscreen replacement and bonding

    Panel and Structural Bonding

    Various new materials used on cars or any composites no longer allow traditional welding procedures to be used for repair.Advanced bonding technologies are reliably replacing traditional methods and various products are available for bonding applications.

    3M™ Panel Bonding Adhesive provides an alternative solution for any non-structural panel attachments to the car body.

    3M™ Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive is available for fixing structural damage to the car.