Abrasives for Collision Repair

Abrasives for Collision Repair

Abrasives from 3M provide the foundation for perfect painting results. The portfolio includes grinding wheels and stripes, hand abrasives and wet abrasives as well as a large choice of abrasive discs and sheets.

The right abrasives play a key role for a perfect result in vehicle refinishing. Whether in the process of preparation, dry primer sanding or fine sanding before paint application. Our quality abrasives and a further range of accessories are designed to help you to safely and efficiently achieve your desired results!

From small awkward areas and SMART Repair, to tough e-coat removal, our abrasives are available in a wide variety of sizes and grades to secure the perfect finish.

  • Hookit™ Abrasive Discs and Hookit™ Abrasive Sheets

    The combination of premium materials with 3M manufacturing quality results in fast cutting, consistent finish and long life - key aspects for 3M Hookit™ Abrasive Discs and Sheets.

    The reusable 3M™ Hookit™ attachment system allows technicians to utilise the entire life of the disc or sheet, resulting in less shop waste.

    Multi-hole conversions allow excellent dust extraction - backup and interface pads as well as sanding blocks are designed to work optimal with the product for the chosen surface and work task.

    Hookit™ discs and sheets are available in a wide range of grades, in various sizes and product qualities to suit your individual applications and needs.

  •  Dry Guide Coat

    Dry Guide Coat

    With each step of the sanding process, you need to ensure that any deep scratches from the previous step are fully removed and particularly any filler or primer defects are eliminated.

    Dry Guide Coat is the control tool for any sanding operation that allows you to check your work quality and prevent any unexpected nasty surprises of remaining scratches or pinholes at a later stage.

  • Cubitron™ II Abrasive Discs & Sheets

    Cubitron™ II Abrasive Discs and Cubitron™ II Abrasive Sheets

    Cubitron™ II Abrasive Discs and Sheets are based on a specially developed premium mineral for highest quality expectations in car refinish work.

    These Cubitron™ II products lead to a finer and more uniform finish through a faster and cooler sanding process. Less pressure is required and the multihole pattern allows for optimum dust extraction.

    Cubitron™ II Abrasive Discs and Sheets are available in various grades with a very thin, extremely flexible film backing that conforms effortlessly to tools and contoured surfaces.

  • Conventional Abrasive Material

    Conventional abrasive minerals are variable in form and size as well as in distribution on the backing surface. The abrasives works irregularly on the surface and heat is generated, leading to shorter life of the abrasive product and reduced surface quality.

  • The patented, precision-shaped 3M Cubitron™ II minerals are evenly distributed and oriented on the abrasive carrier material, thus all are working onto the surface with the same intensity. The result is a maximised abrasion process with a fine, even finish and a cooler sanding process for long-life abrasives.

  • Manual Abrasive Product

    Trizact™ Abrasives

    3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives are used in paint defect removal and refinement, they help to reduce compounding and buffing time. They consist of precisely-shaped three-dimensional pyramids, distributed uniformly over the surface of a disc. As these pyramids wear, fresh, sharp mineral is constantly exposed, resulting in faster, more consistent cutting throughout the life of the discs.

  • Manual Abrasive Product

    3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives are available in a number of formats and sizes from small daisies over 75 mm and 150 mm discs.

    P3000 and P6000 are ideal grades to be used in an efficient blending and polishing process.

  •  Manual Abrasive Product

    Manual use Abrasives

    For various tasks, the use of manual abrasives are indispensible. Be it Wetordry™ Abrasives for traditional sanding or foam backed abrasives - 3M offers a wide range of products such as:

    • 3M Soft Hand Pads - Various grades for manual sanding of body lines or addition to dry sanding processes.
    • 3M Hookit™ Flexible Hand Sheets - Designed for wet or dry sanding with a very thin, extremely flexible film backing that conforms effortlessly to tools and contoured surfaces.
    • 3M Soft Hand Roll - Foam backed, perforated abrasives as addition to dry sanding processes.