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Introducing 3M™ Precision Poly Tape


Masking Tape. Redefined.

  • You want to paint, not prep. Prep work is tiresome, tedious and time consuming. Paper tape can sliver, leave an adhesive residue and cause tape tracking or ghosting. After using paper tape for so long you don’t even see how you work around these problems – it’s just part of the process. But those workarounds take extra time, and extra tape.

    Introducing 3M™ Precision Poly Tape, the biggest advance in masking since we invented masking tape. Precision Poly Tape is thin, highly conformable, UV resistant and waterproof. It lasts longer, is more durable and conforms to curves and body lines more precisely than any paper tape. Now you can stop working around your tape and let your tape work for you.

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Finally, a Tape That Works for You

  •     Comes up clean after up to 7 days, leaving no residue.       
    7-Day Clean Removal
    UV resistance and a unique adhesive construct let you leave tape on for a full week before risk of adhesive transfer, tape tracking, ghosting or slivering.
  •     Poly Tape backing is highly resilient and tolerates wet sanding, buffing, painting, washing, and being stored in the rain.       
    Waterproof Backing
    Wet sand, buff, paint or wash your vehicle without the backing deteriorating, and store vehicles in the rain without worrying about difficult tape removal.
  •     Conforms to shapes and forms, allowing technicians to mask any surface or panel.       
    Highly Conformable
    Poly-film backing conforms and stretches around curves and intricate body lines. No need to use extra pieces to “make the tape work.” Indicator lines show you when the tape is stretched too far.
  •     Tears off straight with a quick snap, removing the need for tools to cut the tape and risk damaging the the vehicle.       
    Straight Tear
    A quick-snap straight tear leaves a clean and professional edge without the need for razor blades or additional tools.
  •     Easily conformable backing means technicians can achieve complex designs and lines.       
    Sharp Paint Lines
    Thin and conformable backing means sharp, precise paint lines for striping, color separation and complex designs.

Inside the Technology

  • Poly Tape is made from ribbed material that allows it to easily, smoothly conform to any surface without fuss.

    3M invented masking tape for painting nearly a century ago, and paper-backed tape has been the industry standard ever since. Now, after years of rigorous testing and development, our scientists have capitalized on advances in microreplication technology to create a tape made from stretchable, conformable polyethylene material.

    Where paper tape can be fussy and finicky, requiring frequent overtaping for proper coverage and prompt removal to avoid tape problems, Precision Poly Tape is different. With its advanced polymeric material and unique adhesive properties, it applies more smoothly, conforms more precisely and releases more cleanly – so you can be more flexible, versatile, accurate and efficient in your painting process. When you get one pass, 3M™ Precision Poly Tape helps you stick it right the first time.

A Size for Any Task

From general masking, fine line masking and jamb masking to buffing, wet sanding and headlight restoration, poly tape comes in a size that will get the job done.

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  • Poly Tape is available  in 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 36mm, and 48mm sizes,
  • table showing different sizes of 3M tape
  • Technician masking large panels on a car in a body shop.
    General Masking

    Developed to withstand the demands of automotive painting and refinishing.

  • Technician showing how to achieve fine line masking by creating a flame design on a panel.
    Fine Line Masking

    Bends easily for intricate shapes and curves.

  • Poly Tape masking around headlights and panels to allow precise buffing.

    Forms a lasting barrier that will hold up to light abrasion.

  • Poly Tape masking a door to allow wet sanding.
    Wet Sanding
    Resists sanding and deterioration and stays put even when wet.
  • Poly Tape masking around a headlight to allow restoration using a sander.
    Headlight Restoration

    Forms a tough barrier that protects surrounding panels from sanding and buffing.

  • Poly Tape can be folded for easy jamb masking.
    Tape Folding for Jamb Masking

    Folds easily without the need for tools.

How to Straight Tear

Technician showing how easy it is to achieve a clean, straight tear with Poly Tape.

Paper tape tears easily but messily, often leaving an unusable tail. Poly tape tears sharply and cleanly in a precise, straight line – but it tears in a different way than traditional tapes. Decide which method works best for you.

  • Method 1: Pinch Tear
    Using both hands, pinch tape with thumbs and index fingers and sharply pull away with one hand. The Pinch Tear is ideal when working with smaller pieces of tape.
  • Method 2: Snap Tear

    Use your thumb to secure the tape to the roll at the tear point. Grasp the tape between the thumb and forefinger with your other hand and quickly “snap” the tape by pulling quickly at a 45° angle.

  • Method 3: Tearing on a Surface
    Tearing on a surface – Apply tape while still on the roll. At the tear point, press the tape firmly to the surface with your thumb to secure it. With your other hand, snap the roll away from the applied tape.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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  • Testimonial by technician using Poly Tape.
  • Testimonial by technician using Poly Tape.

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