Primer application with Accuspray™ guns

Accuspray™ System HVLP Primer Gun

  • The revolutionary design of the Accuspray™ System HVLP Primer Gun from 3M provides the finish of a premium HVLP (high volume low pressure) primer gun at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to the replaceable atomizing head, it’s like spraying with a brand new gun every time you use a new head. A range of atomising heads is available to match the right product of your choice.

    This innovative Accuspray™ System gives you:

    • A lightweight and comfortable primer gun
    • Reduced overspray
    • Optimal fan pattern
    • Lower primer consumption and optimised coating thickness
    • A flatter, smoother finish which cuts down sanding time
    • Cleaner gun and fast change between primer shades
    • Quick and easy cleaning with reduced solvent use
    • Use the 1.4 mm head for wet-on-wet primer, 1.8 mm for standard primer and 2.0 mm for sprayable body filler

Step by Step Guide - Primer Application Process

Step 1 - Prepared vehicle

    • Vehicle roughly masked.
    • Repair area prepared for primer application (P320 - P400 sanded).

Step 2 - Cleaning of the surface

    • Degreasing of the surface with special cleaner - please observe the recommendations of paint manufacturer
    • Cleaning the surface prior to primer application with Tack Cloth Aqua PN50410.

Step 3 - Preparation of the primer

    • Different PPS™ sizes allow for on demand mixing of the primer.
    • By using PPS™, no additional mixing cup is needed. Refilling of the primer into the primer gun is not necessary.
    • Integrated filter. No manual filter process necessary. (Use 200 my for standard primer and 125 my for wet-on-wet primers).

Step 4 - Assembling the Accuspray™ gun Modell HG14

    • Pull trigger.
    • Press atomising head (1.8 mm for standard primer, 1.4 mm for wet-on-wet primer) onto body until it firmly locks into place.
    • Release trigger.
    • Turn gun upside down and connect to PPS™ cup.
  • Setting and adjustments of the gun

    • Maximum inlet pressure: 4.5 bar
    • Maximum spray / operating pressure: 1.38 bar


    • Adjust the fan size with the upper knob
    • Adjust the volume with the lower knob

Step 5 - Primer Application first layer

    • PPS™ allows for primer application from different angles without dripping.
    • Edges and wheel arches can thus be coated safely.
    • Please do observe the recommended layer thickness!

Step 6 - Flash off

    • Please do observe the flash off times recommended by your paint manufacturer!

Step 7 - Primer Application second layer

    • Using the 3M Accuspray™ gun allows an even and clean spray pattern.
    • The Primer flattens itself easily and thus cuts down on sanding time and effort for maximum productivity gain.

    Change your Accuspray™ atomising head regularly to always achieve the cleanest fan pattern.

Step 8 - IR drying

  • Please do observe the recommendations of your paint manufacturer concerning:

    • Object temperature
    • Drying time
    • Distance of the heater from the object

Step 9

  • Cleaning of the primer gun

    • The short pot life of the low-VOC primers require an immediate cleaning of the gun.
  • Disconnect the air line, turn the gun upside down, pull the trigger to relapse air into the PPS™ Cup. Remove the PPS™ Cup.

  • Remove the atomising head from the Accuspray™ gun by pulling the trigger, then disconnecting the atomising head. Release trigger.

  • Clean the tip of the Accuspray™ needle with a clean panel wipe to remove any primer residue.

  • Dispose of the used atomising head and replace with a new one (to protect the fluid needle).

  • Tip:

    Change your atomizing head regularly to preserve a clean spray pattern.