Paint booth protection with Dirt Trap

  • 3M has taken the simple concept of surface protection and revolutionised it to enhance your painting process. Not only is the 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection System great for surface protection, but a closer look reveals a breakthrough innovation that actually traps dust, dirt and overspray in a unique non-woven construction.

    • Capture Dirt and Overspray - reducing paint nibs
    • Reduce Paint Booth Maintenance
    • Protect Your Investment
    • Improve booth brightness.


  • Designed to protect surfaces while trapping dust, dirt and paint overspray, 3M™ Dirt Trap Material captures airborne contaminants resulting in a cleaner repair. When overspray and dust settles on your freshly painted surfaces, they must be removed, creating extra work and raising costs.

    • White non-woven surface protection material with adhesive backing
    • Protects surfaces while trapping dust, dirt and paint overspray
    • Brightens work areas
    • Also suitable to protect other work areas such as: table tops, paint scales, paint mixing rooms walls and floors
    • Help capture airborne contaminants resulting in a cleaner repair



Step by Step Guide

First apply Dirt Trap Protection non-woven material (white) to the walls, then apply the clear Dirt Trap Protection Material film to any paint booth windows.

Be aware: When applying Dirt Trap Protection Material for the very first time, the paint booth surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned, all previous contamination and paint residue needs to be removed to provide a smooth, clean surface for Dirt Trap to adhere to. The cleaner the surface - the better is the adhesion of the Dirt Trap Protection Material!

  • Step 1

    Position the applicator in a corner and start applying the Dirt Trap Protection non-woven material in horizontal layers, working from the bottom upwards to the top.

    Always cover the whole length / width of the booth without patching material.

    Tracks on top of each other should have an overlap of ca. 2 cms.

  • Step 2

    Once material is attached to the surface, use the spreader with light pressure and work from the middle outwards to smoothen the material and attach it firmly to the wall. (Pressure sensitive adhesion.)

    Do not overstretch material when applying it to the wall!

  • Step 3

    For protection of the paint booth windows, use the clear Dirt Trap Protection PE film.

    Clean the windows thoroughly, removing all dirt and grease to allow for maximum adhesion of the Dirt Trap Protection Film.

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Position the applicator to allow a vertical application of the film.

  • Step 5

    Step 5

    Tip: Using a spray bottle with water and a drop of liquid soap, apply a fine film of moisture to the window surface. (It helps to position the film onto the surface and reduces the risk to crinkle the film.)

  • Step 6

    Step 6

    Apply the film from bottom upwards to the top of the window, use the spreader working from the centre outwards to flatten the film, activate the adhesive with light pressure and remove the moisture residue.

    Tip: Apply this film in tracks next to each other without overlap.

Removal of Dirt Trap Protection Material

  • Dirt Trap Protection Material should be changed every 2-3 months by pulling the material off the walls and replacing it with fresh one.

    If the non-woven material is saturated with dirt particles, the functionality is reduced, thus change the material regularly as needed.

    After 6 months on the booth wall, adhesive residue from the Dirt Trap Protection Material might remain.

    Store the unused material in dry conditions ideally at 20° C (and below 30° C).