Car Polishing and Finishing

  • 3Ms unique paint rectification processes and products help you to achieve the perfect result for your customer.
    Whether you have to remove surface defects or just want to achieve the perfect lustre - our easy to follow colour coded compounding process guides you in a few steps to a fantastic result.

    To achieve the perfect finish for your customer, the key is to use the correct application process and method for your clear coats - stick to your paint manufacturer recommendations!

    State-of-the-art modern clear coats are very sensitive to drying conditions and the correct use and drying determine the easiness of your finishing process and the overall quality of your result.

  • Paint Rectification

    No matter how skilled you are or how clean the air in the paint booth is, occasionally there will be the need for some paint rectification.

    With 3Ms processes and products designed to fit your need, dust nibs, runners or orange peel can be removed with minimum effort required and focus on making the overall compounding and finishing process as fast and efficient as possible.

  • Compounding & Polishing

    Use the 3M Perfect-it™ Colour Coded Polishing System to obtain a high gloss, defect free surface. The products are designed to compliment each other and the colour coding assures that you use the right compound with it's fitting foam to achieve the best results.

    Note: The compounds recommended in this polishing process are for professional use for newly applied clear coats. For already aged / weathered surfaces, products from the 3M Car Care range are better suited.

  • Detailing & Car Care

    Whether you are working on restoring the inside or the outside appearance of a car, products from the 3M Car Care Range will offer you easy to use products, suitable also for restoring already weathered clear coats to brilliant shine.