Personal Protection in the Body and Paint Shop

  • At 3M we don't take safety for granted. The health and welfare of your workforce depends on it. So by working in association with skilled safety practitioners, partners and customers, our people are committed to ensuring that we help you create an environment that protects your workforce - effectively, efficiently and economically.

    Personal Protection from potentially harmful paint spray, dust and equipment noise must be a priority. 3M can help identify the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including air quality and respirator face-fit testing, advice on statutory health and safety obligations and safer working practices.

It is in your own personal interest....

  • Your health is your most important asset and it is your own and your employers responsibility to take care of it to contribute to your well-being and ability to work and perform.

    Apart from your overall body and physical health and well-being, particular attention should be paid to the protection of vital organs as any damage here often is irreparable. These deserve special care and attention.

  • Skin

    One of your vital organs is your skin, which is also the biggest organ of all. It protects from chemical, physical and bacterial influences, participates in the metabolic functions and allows thermal regulation for your body. Additionally, it helps to feel and contributes to recognition of "danger" to your body by its ability to feel structure, temperature, pain...

    For an adult, your skin is approximately the size of 2 sqm and is ca. 1/6 of your body weight. The skin only has a thickness between 1-4 mm, whereas the most important part, the outer skin only has a thickness of 0.02 mm!

  • Eyes
    Your eye is the key to the visual world. Perfect as nature, the very sensitive eye has natural protection like eye lids, lashes and tear liquid, which protect against influences like dust or dirt. These protection mechanisms are only sufficient for "normal" circumstances - not when exposed to work environment conditions like in paint or body shops. Wearing appropriate protective glasses or goggles are mandatory there.
  • Your ear actually combines two vital senses in one: your hearing ability and your body-balance. A healthy hearing allows your verbal communication as well as the early recognition of any danger by perceiving acoustic signals. Your sense of balance makes any upright movements possible.

  • Under respiration, the absorption of oxygen and the resorption of carbon dioxide from the body is understood. Lack of oxygen in the air leads to a reduced supply of oxygen in the body cells and prevents or blocks vital functions. A lack of oxygen actually can't directly be perceived by the human senses - it always needs to be assured that your respiratory organs function properly.