Seam Sealing Processes in the Body Shop

Seam Sealing Processes in the Body Shop

3M offers a variety of Seam Sealing Solutions for your refinish requirements.

  • Polyurethane seam sealer range approved for Direct to Metal applications
  • Hybrid polymer technology products allow Wet-on-Wet paintability for faster throughput

A variety of applicators are available to suit your individual application and various finishes can be achieved to match OEM appearance

  • Multi-Purpose Sealer
    • Create a variety of seam sealing finishes including sprayed, extruded and brushed seams
    • Can be used as stonechip coating to match a variety of finishes found on today’s vehicles
    • Overpaint almost immediately with water based paint systems*
    • Efficient process time and productivity gains
    • Isocyanate-free
    • Available in Beige (50740)
  • Hybrid Range
    • 3M Hybrid Technology for excellent Wet-on-Wet processes*
    • Offering productivity gains and process efficiency
    • White version (08855) available for Wet-on-Wet, easy to see caulkable seams
    • Grey version (08851) available for sprayable applications
    • Isocyanate-free
  • Polyurethane Sealer Range
    • Comprehensive range with a variety of packaging options and colours (Black, beige, grey, white)
    • Cost effective seam sealing method for all non wet-on-wet applications
    • For all interior and exterior seams
    • Suitable for primed and painted surfaces as well as Direct to Metal applications
    • Can be used as weld-through sealer (RSTW)
    • Overpaint product once the skin is fully formed; usually after 20 – 45 mins (depending on working conditions)
  • * If left for more than 24 hrs, abrade the product lightly with 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ to guarantee paint adhesion.

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