• 3M Body Shop Solutions are designed to make the job of the professional vehicle repairer easier, faster and more cost effective.

    3M’s refinishing products help bodyshops achieve more profit and success. Getting the job right the first time is key to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. All 3M products are designed to provide maximum efficiency and deliver assured performance.

    3M offers products and recommendations for repair processes in the BodyShop and SMART Repair Industry. Follow our step by step guides or view our video demonstrations to ensure that correct products and procedures are used to give your customers quality results.

  • SMART repair is a combination of cost effective techniques and can be utilised when the area to be repaired can be contained within the area of an A4 sheet of paper.

  • 3M's methods for grinding, sanding or bonding are using the latest technologies and working close to the Automotive industry assures we provide you with the right methods to work state-of-the-art.
  • 3M's plastic repair materials provide a solution for fixing cracks, holes and tears in automotive plastic parts or allow you to rebuild tabs or parts without the need to wait for replacement parts to come in.
  • Independent if you prefer the traditional hand mixed body filler or if you prefer the revolutionary, time and material saving DMS system, the 3M fillers offer premium products that will help to obtain the required surface efficiently and effectively for primer application.

  • Our 3M masking solutions are excellent for even the most tricky to mask areas. Protect from overspray and achieve precision in your Bodyshop repair needs. 3M's innovative products provide you with more than "just another tape" - we offer masking solutions that simplify the whole paint process for you.
  • 3M's sanding tools and methods including such innovative technologies as self-sharpening abrasives like the Cubitron™ II or Trizact™ technology will help you to achieve a consistent fast cut with long lasting abrasive performance. Be it for coarse grades and filler shaping or for fine sanding to prepare for the top coat application, 3M's abrasive technologies assure you can always produce the high surface quality that is needed for your next refinish process step.

  • Starting with improving the state of your paint booth with 3M's Dirt Trap system and including innovations such as PPS™ Paint Preparation System and, more recently, the Accuspray™ System, 3M has a wide range of solutions for spraying primer or paint, including tools and processes to help with an easy and save colour match.
  • From compounding to polishing, working with 3M ensures you have the right solution to achieve a quality finish. Starting with innovative paint rectification tools, 3M Bodyshop solutions help you to obtain a perfect finish easily with 3M's Colour Coded Polishing and Compounding Systems - perfect for the professional bodyshop!
  • Protect yourself and your team from potentially harmful paint spray, dust and noise. 3M helps you to identify the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for your needs.

  • Total Automotive Sanding System

    3M and Festool Automotive Systems have formed a global strategic collaboration to best serve the automotive collision repair industry. 3M’s best-in-class abrasives innovation, including 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives, are now available in conjunction with premium Festool Automotive Systems surface prep tools, including pneumatic and electric sanders, polishers and backup pads, vacuums and surface-prep workstations, dust extraction capabilities and service.